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Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy IHU

About the faculty
The Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy was established with the active assistance and support of the President of the International Humanities University, Academician Serhiy Vasyliovych Kivalov.

The purpose of the Faculty is to train comprehensively developed specialists in the fields of pharmacy and dentistry, educate responsible citizens who are capable of effective professional activity for the benefit of society.
Each FDP IHU educational program is a unique project that a large team of professionals is working on to make it as effective as possible. After graduation, graduates of our educational programs reach significant career heights in various gases, scientific and social activities.
Our advantages
State standard according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science
Professional teaching staff with many years of experience
Unique educational programs
Accredited at all levels of higher education
Availability of budget places and moderate cost of training
Comfortable student campus, modern classrooms and own practice base
The faculty promotes the acquisition of practical experience by students on the basis of the best clinical practices of the city and Ukraine
Active student life at the FDP IHU
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Our contacts for communication
Odessa, Fontanskaya road, 23a
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Odesa, Fontanskaya road, 23a

Phone: +38 (093) 536-70-04
+38 (048) 719-88-38
Email: omi.mgu@gmail.com
Instagram: @fdf_mgu
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